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Recent studies have shown that the act of playing music with other musicians activates every center of the brain simultaneously - in other words, it makes you superconnected! There is no other activity that has this incredible effect. The benefits of playing in a group go beyond the music classroom - participants reap the rewards of a developed social-emotional system as well. We have an ensemble for everyone - come superconnect with us.



FREE for the Fall 2023 Semester!

What makes our chamber ensemble so wild? For starters, it is open to every student at Willdebietz- the more varied and eclectic the better! Not to mention, there are only three rehearsals! Great for those who find it challenging to commit to weekly rehearsals. But the truly wild part - participation is totally free! We believe so firmly in the power of the ensemble that we wanted to take down as many common roadblocks as we could - every music learner should have the opportunity to apply their skills in a group setting.

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12-bar Blues History and Performance

This ensemble, suited for those with limited or no experience in a band setting, meets every Saturday for two hours to gain valuable experience in performance, stagecraft, and musicianship. Using the 12-Bar Blues form as its basis, students gain confidence playing as an ensemble through a song's form. Through the study of forgotten greats such as Memphis Minnie, Big Mama Thornton, and more, the Green Ensemble absorbs the rich, important history and tradition of the blues which makes their end-of-semester stage performance just that much more authentic. This ensemble is the perfect way for students to gain enough experience and confidence before joining one of our other, more demanding groups.

Open to all students enrolled in private lessons at Willdebietz Music Conservatory.



Our community ambassadors

The Willdebietz Gold Ensemble is tasked with creating a setlist focused around a new theme each semester, exploring sometimes unfamiliar genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, Metal, and Jazz. On top of their end-of-semester stage performances, they also solicit performances in and around our local community! This ensemble meets year-round; summer rehearsals are every Tuesday from 1-3pm.

Open to all students at Willdebietz Music Conservatory who have shown exceptional citizenship and the ability to overcome musical challenges.

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Competition Percussion Ensemble

The Willdebietz Music Conservatory Pink Ensemble is a percussion ensemble whose aim is to compete in regional, state, and national PAS competitions (PAS stands for Percussive Arts Society). Utilizing our drums, xylophones, shakers, and cymbals - along with our diplomacy, tenacity, and humility - we can show our nation how powerful the unity of rhythm and love can be!

Open to all students enrolled at Willdebietz Music Conservatory who have a passion for the percussive arts.

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