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Mission Statement:

To resist institutional barriers of access to excellent academic music education; To preserve the musical arts using inclusive, collaborative, socially conscious curriculum; To cultivate musical mastery and by proxy, social-emotional mastery.

Willdebietz Music Conservatory (pronounced WILL-duh-beats) is a music school located in Downtown Hemet owned and operated by husband and wife duo William Rury and Julia Bietz Rury, two local musicians and educators beholden to the idea that every citizen of Earth deserves the opportunity to pursue high quality music education.

We offer private instrument instruction for all ages and skill levels on piano, percussion, guitar, flute, saxophone, bass, ukulele, and violin. Students who enroll at Willdebietz have the opportunity to play with others by joining one of our ensembles - some of which are free! Every student at Willdebietz Music Conservatory acquires the skills to read, listen to, analyze, perform, and compose music through the study of the music of the world. We focus on those whom history may have dusted over - if we have to learn western classical music, why not through pieces composed by women or people of color? Why does your typical music appreciation class spend such little time on the music of Africa and its ubiquitous worldwide spread and influence? How do the hearing-impaired perceive and enjoy music? By raising these questions and more our students develop wide, compassionate, worldviews while expanding their musical horizons (and by proxy, their abilities).

By prioritizing acceptance, academics, patience, tolerance, collaboration, and leadership, we become much more than skilled musicians and performers. The benefits of studying at Willdebietz are lifelong and apply to every facet of life. Our curriculum, besides meeting (and in most cases exceeding) state standards, also incorporates a unique framework designed to promote social-emotional learning and growth.

We understand the socioeconomic challenges our community faces; please do not allow tuition costs be a barrier to the education you deserve. Speak to us before deciding we are unaffordable. An artist resides within each of us, ready to be discovered and developed - allow us to do what we can to support you as you enrich the world with your inner artist.
(We also welcome donors and benefactors. Click here if you would like to lend a helping hand.)

We hope you spend some time exploring our website. We design and maintain it ourselves! If you have any questions, would like to chat, or are interested in enrolling in our school of music, we would love to hear from you. Click the button below to submit a contact form and we will reply personally as soon as possible!

Thank you - let's make music together!

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