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Ensembles and Bands

Play together, learn together, grow together.

Ensembles and Bands: News

Willdebietz Blues Ensemble

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This ensemble, suitable for beginner to intermediate learners, leads students through the history, social significance, theory, technique, composition, and performance of the blues genre. 

Participants in this class learn to play classic blues standards and compose their own 12-bar blues pieces. They perform not only at our end-of-semester recitals, but in the community as well!

Enrollment in private lessons at Willdebietz Music Conservatory is required for participation.

Willdebietz Gold Ensemble


This weekly ensemble is open to students at Willdebietz with a little more experience under their belts. Each semester the students in the class will study a different genre and the ways in which all genres of music are interconnected. Gold Ensemble participants will perform at the end of semester recital and will be called on to perform elsewhere throughout the community.

This is a running ensemble; the repertoire grows with time. Pieces are a little more challenging, albeit very rewarding. In our opinion, ensemble participation is the best way to grow.

Enrollment in private lessons at Willdebietz Music Conservatory is required for participation. 

NEW!! Mini-Ensemble Experience
**No additional cost to join!

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Any and all students enrolled at Willdebietz for Spring 2023 are invited to participate in a new mini-Ensemble Experience! For a limited time, this ensemble is completely complementary - no additional tuition costs!

Perfect for those with busy schedules who cannot commit to weekly rehearsals, those who are new to the school (or new at their instrument!), or those who have always wanted to try joining an ensemble but may have been hesitant or shy.

Work on your parts with your teacher all semester, then convene for three rehearsals as a full group before our end of season recital to learn about the essentials of group playing and listening. Then it's showtime! These ensembles will be featured at our end of semester performance at the Historic Hemet Theatre.

Admission is open to all Willdebietz students - but spots ARE limited! Sign up today to secure your seat in the band!

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